GSCCC 2020 Convention in New Orleans has been "CANCELLED". Those that have registered for convention via PayPal will receive a refund via PayPal.
If you made hotel reservation, you should cancel it yourself without penalties by calling hotel directly with your reservation #.

Meetings at Munholland Church are postponed till further notice due to Covid-19 Virus. Thanks for your cooperation.

Embedding Videos on a Webpage

Streaming video requires special software on the server side. This means it must be hosted on a video sharing site, such as YouTube or Vimeo. You can, however, embed a reference to the video and have it play on one of your web pages without needing to use a link.

If you play your video on a YouTube page, below the video are some tabs. Click on “Share”. On the panel that displays, select “Embed”. This will display the HTML text needed to display your video inside a webpage. We recommend you view the Embed Options before copying the text. We recommend removing the option to show suggested videos.

On your Home page or a custom page, use the HTML tab at the bottom of the editor when updating the content for that page. Locate the proper position for your video and paste in the text from YouTube.

This is essentially the same process we used when hosting all of the Visual Pursuits training videos.

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